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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 29 1999 4:48pm
Subject:User with Win98 problems
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>>>>> "Calistra" == Calistra Research Labs <dave@stripped>
> writes:

Calistra> I have somebody with problems with myODBC on win98. Since I 
Calistra> seldom use Win98 I can't help much - all I have discovered is that 
Calistra> Win98 does act a bit strangely on ODBC setup.

> ------8x--------------------------------------------------------------------------
Calistra> I've found more today on doing this, in the HTML version of the 
Calistra> MySQL manual (ch 16.4) which seems to indicate how to proceed. 
Calistra> Last night I had also found the MyODBC Win32 install on the 
Calistra> MySQL site.  By 3 am I had undone the mess the install program 
Calistra> had made in writing a hoard of old Win95 dlls on top of my Win98
Calistra> files.  That setup is a disaster.  It overwrites legitimate stuff and 
Calistra> doesn't do anything about installing the myodbc.dll file.


I just installed MyODBC on a fresh Win98 without a single problem.
The ODBC setup is the standard ODBC setup from Microsoft (I can
however agree that it's a disaster :), but it should not overwrite
anything without asking for it.

Calistra> So my revised question:  how indeed do I install MyODBC: just
Calistra> copy the myodbc.dll into the c:\windows\system directory and 
Calistra> fill out the MyODBCAdmin > boxes?  Are there any tricks?  
Calistra> Any advice much appreciated. 

You can't just copy the myodbc.dll files;  Thanks to Microsoft's
infinite wisdom, the only way to get a ODBC installed is to use the
MyODBC setup program.

What exactly did it do setup program do wrong?

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