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From:Peter Harvey Date:March 20 1999 3:25pm
Subject:Re: iodbc & myodbc & mysql
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Lars Doelle wrote:

> Hi,
> as you might know, the iodbc dm is now maintained for quite a while.
> So it does not make sense to distribute a private version of iodbc anymore.
> Though myodbc does run with the "officical" version, i found that myodbc
> has a general flaw, it does not make use of the driver configuration.
> So, SQLConnect is plain broken on unix.
> The issue is, that no SQLGetPrivateProfileString is provided by neither
> myodbc's special iodbc edition nor by the current version of the iodbc.
> I tried to contact Giovanni earlier to hash the issue out, but it failed, so
> perhaps this list is a better address.
> Another flaw i found with myodbc is that it requires the mysql sources
> to be installed (for some headers). Because i feel otherwise comfortable
> with the binary distribution i use and it also includes all the headers that
> mysql installs regularly, i wonder if this could not be fixed also.

I agree. unixODBC may be able to help here....

unixODBC (formerly LinuxODBC) ( ) has an
odbcinst lib which provides functions such as SQLGetPrivateProfileString()  and
support for System and User ODBC system information.


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