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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 29 1999 11:54am
Subject:problem with building from source
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>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Fiesser <fiesser@stripped> writes:

Andreas> I've got here : SuSE 6.2 Linux MySQL 3.22.25 binary coming
Andreas> with SuSE unixODBC 1.06 as source and it seems to compile OK
Andreas> MyODBC 2.50.26 as source taken from a MySQL mirror.

Andreas> Now I ran ./configure with the correct parameters as I see it
Andreas> but it wouldn't create a : /usr/local/lib/

Andreas> It creates only ...a and

Andreas> The INSTALL talks about a so I expect there's
Andreas> something wrong here.  Could someone give me a hint ?  I'm
Andreas> pretty new to all this so I'm stuck.  :(


First; Do you really need MyODBC on Linux;  This is NOT needed if
you only want to connect to a MySQL from Win32.

There was some problems with config.guess with MyODBC 2.50.26 and this 
affected the creation of shared libraries.  I am just now working on
3.50.27 that will fix this.

problem with building from sourceAndreas Fiesser27 Sep
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