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From:Calistra Research Labs Date:September 28 1999 1:43am
Subject:User with Win98 problems
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I have somebody with problems with myODBC on win98. Since I 
seldom use Win98 I can't help much - all I have discovered is that 
Win98 does act a bit strangely on ODBC setup.

I've found more today on doing this, in the HTML version of the 
MySQL manual (ch 16.4) which seems to indicate how to proceed. 
Last night I had also found the MyODBC Win32 install on the 
MySQL site.  By 3 am I had undone the mess the install program 
had made in writing a hoard of old Win95 dlls on top of my Win98
files.  That setup is a disaster.  It overwrites legitimate stuff and 
doesn't do anything about installing the myodbc.dll file.
So my revised question:  how indeed do I install MyODBC: just
copy the myodbc.dll into the c:\windows\system directory and 
fill out the MyODBCAdmin > boxes?  Are there any tricks?  
Any advice much appreciated. 
Dave Appleton
Calistra ODBC MySQL Adminstrator
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User with Win98 problemsCalistra Research Labs28 Sep
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