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From:Steven Schoch Date:September 27 1999 2:46pm
Subject:Microsoft Access again
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I installed myODBC on one Win2000 machine and used it with Access 2000 to link
to mySQL running on Linux.  No problem.

Then I shared the Access database, installed myODBC on a Windows 98 machine,
and set up a User DSN on the Win98 machine with a different user.

The trouble is that when I run Access on the Win98 machine and open the shared
Access database it pops up the myODBC dialog with the user and password FROM
THE FIRST MACHINE already filled in.  Also, the "database" name is filled in as
the DSN name, which is annoying, but not a security problem like the first.

Where does Access store the ODBC parameters?  I can't figure it out.

Steven Schoch
StarNet Communications Corp.
1270 Oakmead Pkwy. #301
Sunnyvale, CA 94086  +1 408 739-0881

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