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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 26 2003 10:04pm
Subject:Re: Database backup in mysql
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At 13:24 -0800 3/26/03, Madhavi Kutty wrote:
>Hi All,
>Does the BACKUP TABLE query work over a windows

It writes the backup files on the server host.

>I'm using Mysql 4.0 gamma. The query i'm using is:
>BACKUP TABLE table1 TO '//networkcomp/c:/data'
>I'm not getting any errors when i exceute this, but
>the files are not copied into the destination
>directory. But things were working fine when i try to
>backup in the local disk, for eg., when the query was:
>BACKUP TABLE table1 TO '/c:/data'
>i'm guessing i'm doing something wrong with the
>slashes, i tried lots of combinations but nothing
>seems to work, and it seems to me that the query
>should work over a network...backing up into the local
>disk is not of much use!
>Any help is appreciated!

Database backup in mysqlMadhavi Kutty26 Mar
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