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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 22 1999 11:52am
Subject:Question on iodbc/myodbc
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>>>>> "moorleghen" == moorleghen  <moorleghen@stripped> writes:

moorleghen> Hello all.
moorleghen> I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a problem with
moorleghen> myodbc/iodbc writing information incorrectly to the database tables from
moorleghen> a C program. The problem is when writing to the table it appears that
moorleghen> the data is written to the incorrect columns and some data is dropped
moorleghen> completely.

moorleghen> <snip>


Try starting mysqld with --log or --log-update ; This way you can
easily verify the insert statements.  If you find something that is
wrong, please post a full example that we can repeat and we will help 
you solve this!

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