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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 11:51pm
Subject:Re: Access 2000 ODBC - MyODBC to MySQL can't export ANY tables
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>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Davis <bdavis3@stripped> writes:

Bill> I sent Microsoft a bug report on Access 2000 not being able
Bill> to export tables to MySQL with MyODBC. Here is their
Bill> reply...

Bill> Hi Bill,

Bill> I apologize. I had not heard of a Product called MySql or
Bill> MyOdbc so I though
Bill> you were using these terms generically.

Ouch :)

Bill> Microsoft has not tested these products with Access 2000 as
Bill> yet so there is no
Bill> information in the database about anyproduct issues.

Did you provide a ODBC trace to Microsoft that shows that it doesn't
send the table names when you try to create a table with ODBC.  An
ODBC trace file is something they should be able to understand and
comment on!

Bill> Has the developer of MySql or MyOdbc certified these
Bill> products as being
Bill> compatible with Access 2000? If not, it may be possible that
Bill> this
Bill> configuration is not supported by anyone. Typically,
Bill> third-party vendors test
Bill> their productswith the products they are intended to work
Bill> with and have
Bill> information on applicability, product patches and updates,
Bill> and workarounds.
Bill> The vendor of MyOdbc may be aware of a solution to this
Bill> issue.

The question is more if Microsoft has certificated Access 2000 to be
ODBC complient?

Bill> Access 2000 has recently had upgrades. Two components that
Bill> have been upgraded
Bill> that *may* effect this issue is the JET Engine and the
Bill> Microsoft Data Access
Bill> Components (MDAC).

Any change you can try this ?

Bill> There is a Knowledge Base article, Q239114: ACC2000: Updated
Bill> Version of
Bill> Microsoft Jet 4.0 Available on MSL, that contains
Bill> information on how to
Bill> download Jet 4.0 SP3 and MDAC 2.12. This can be located on
Bill> the internet at:

Bill> sp

Bill> I cannot guarantee that these updates will resolve your
Bill> issue, but they are the
Bill> latest product updates available at this time.

Bill> If this does not address your issue, then you may want to
Bill> periodically check
Bill> the Knowledge Base for product updates. If any articles
Bill> become available on
Bill> these products, they will be available in theKnowledge base
Bill> by searching on
Bill> the product names.

Can anyone this list help us by testing Access 2000 against some other SQL 
database over ODBC while doing a CREATE of a table.  It would belp a
LOT if anyone can verify if this works!  If it works, I would be VERY
interested in an ODBC trace of this and an ODBC trace of the same
thing but when connecting to MySQL!


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