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From:Christian Mack Date:September 15 1999 6:42pm
Subject:Re: Erroneous locks using Access 2000...
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wally grotophorst wrote:
> I upgraded(?) my PC to Access2000 the other day and while I was able
> to quickly hook up with my Solaris-based MySQL server via ODBC, I
> discovered that any new ODBC setups I create don't work quite right
> while MDB's w/ linked tables that I setup under Access97 are OK.
> Specically, I can update databases through older (pre-2000) ODBC
> setups but the newer ones never let me modify data--complaining that
> "another user has modified the file"
> I'm the only one accessing the file so I know it's an error but I
> don't know what to do to workaround/fix/whatever this.  Any
> suggestions (please don't suggest uninstalling Office 2000...I'm sure
> my hard disk would collapse under the sudden weight shift).
> -- wally
> wally grotophorst

Hi Wally

Send a bug report to Microsoft.

(I didn't suggest to uninstall :)


Erroneous locks using Access 2000...wally grotophorst15 Sep
Re: Erroneous locks using Access 2000...Christian Mack15 Sep