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Hi there,
I'm trying to migrate an application from using the MS Jet DB engine on .mdb files to
directly using ODBC (the app uses DAO and I just want to tell it to use an ODBC data
source instead of a file).
This gave me some problems, which I've solved for most part (for example the app opened
tables in dbOpenTable mode, which I had to change to dbOpenDynaset). I'm left now with the
I have a table that has a DATETIME column. I want to do a select like 'SELECT...FROM table
WHERE ... and BETWEEN t1 AND t2' where t1 and t2 are some representation of a datetime. If
I specify t1/t2 as '1999-09-09 11:00:00' I get an error back from (I think) the ODBC
driver that there's a data type mismatch. The application originally used float numbers to
specify the
datetime, but that apparently only works with MS products. I also tried other
representations of a date/time, to no avail. I tried changing the column definition to
timestamp, but MySQL defines this differently from the SQL92 standard (Date/Darwen, 3rd
edition, page 252).
Does anybody have any tips on how to get this query to work?
Maybe it was not obvious from the preceding story, but if I execute the query directly in
mysql it works, so the problem has to be somewhere in the communication between the app
and mysql, that's why I figured it was the ODBC driver.
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