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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 8 1999 12:59pm
Subject:MyODBC is driving me nuts :)
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>>>>> "Serge" == Serge Paquin <serge@stripped> writes:

Serge> Anyone have a simple example program the uses MyODBC with bound controlls in
> Visual Basic.  I works perfect if I use Office97 as the ODBC source using odbcDirect mode.
>  When I switch the ODBC source to myodbc I get all sorts of weird errors.

Serge> Thanks,
Serge> Serge.


Sorry, but without more information we can't help you :(

You can find information how to do a correct bug report at:

PLEASE read the above before reposting your question, this will save us all
a lot of time!

Please take also a look at the MyODBC README file about how to make a trace
file. The trace file should help you find out what is going wrong!

Sorry for the short answer, but as we get a couple of hundred mails/day
we don't have time to answer questions that are already documented
or doesn't contain all information needed to give a quick exact answer.

MyODBC is driving me nuts :)Serge Paquin8 Sep
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