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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 8 1999 1:46pm
Subject:Re: MySQL access problem
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At 5:22 AM -0500 9/8/99, K.Hirao wrote:
>We are not sure if this is the right address for this kind of help
>request.  Anyway, help us please (Our hosting ISP refer you as technical
>We opened a commerce hosting on ValueWeb
>(<> recently but we can't
>use our database provided by MySQL.    We tried to access through MyODBC
>by Access 97, FoxPro 6.0 on different computers none of them worked, "User
>access denied".  User ID and Password are correct for sure. 
>They are saying the problem is ours because they can access our database
>using same User ID and Password on their side.  Why?  They don't do
>further technical support.  Attached myodbc.log file.  We are using
>Windows 98 not 95.  Is this the problem? 
Please help.  Thank you.

User ID and password may be correct, but MySQL grant tables are also
tied to the host from which you're connecting.  Your ISP may therefore
be able to connect with the given ID/password from their host, but
that doesn't necessarily mean anything about whether you can connect from
your host.  They should check to make sure the grant table entries are
properly set up for your host(s).

You might also point out to them that since they are administering the
MySQL, it's their responsibility to make sure that you can connect,
not yours.  One thing that might help them, though, is for them to check
the logs to make sure that you're really connecting with the same user
name.  It's possible you aren't really sending the correct name.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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