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From:Daniel Ouellet Date:September 6 1999 4:01am
Subject:RE: basic myodbc questions
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I don't have Access 2000 yet, but the ODBC is the abstraction layer for the
software. It would make no sense for Microsoft to change the way it work
with ODBC even if they came out with ADO, etc. They still have to provide
connectivity with the ODBC world.

So, you can try and follow the direction and I am pretty confident it would
work. You may have to find the ODBC section in a different menu, but it have
to be there.

If it doesn't work, let me know and I will try to put my hand on access 2000
and try it.


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Anybody go this working with Access 2000?

On 3 Sep 99, at 21:03, Daniel Ouellet wrote:

> Hi Gregg
> I assume you have the version 2.50.24 for your ODBC drivers right. If not
> you can get it from:
> site, you can take the
> MyODBC 2.50.24 for Windows95 (full setup)
> MyODBC 2.50.24 for NT (full setup)
> Depending if you want to install it on Windows 95 or NT

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