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From:Daniel Ouellet Date:September 4 1999 10:18pm
Subject:RE: basic myodbc questions
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No there isn't for thing like that, or if there is I haven't find it yet.


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Hi Daniel, this information was exactly what I was looking for too!
Thanks very much for the complete answer!  Is there a FAQ for this sort of
topics?  I didn't find any on the MySQL website.

Thanks again!

On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Daniel Ouellet wrote:

-->Hi Gregg
-->I assume you have the version 2.50.24 for your ODBC drivers right. If not
-->you can get it from:
-->site, you can take the
-->MyODBC 2.50.24 for Windows95 (full setup)
-->MyODBC 2.50.24 for NT (full setup)
-->Depending if you want to install it on Windows 95 or NT
-->After it is install on your clients computer,
-->1. you go to the control panel and you select the "ODBC Data Sources"
-->2. You select the "User DNS" tab
-->3. Click "ADD"
-->Could anyone point me to a place where I can read something in the way of
-->basic tutorial on connecting MS Access 97 to a mySQL db via myODBC? I
have a
-->mySQL account, am able to connect to it n a variety of ways. What I'm
-->looking for is instructions on what I need to do in Access. I was doing
-->I thought was correct, but keep getting a message saying connection was
-->saved when I fill out the input areas in the myODBC driver dialog. Here's
-->what i tried:
-->1) In a new blank Access db I selected file/get external data/import
-->2) In next dialog i select files of type odbc
-->3) I choose new DSN, name it, choose mySQL as driver type and answer the
-->questions...immediately after hitting OK, I get this 'data source not
-->message and nothing else. Any help? I'm sure this is super basic, so if
-->anything in the way of an established beginners tutorial already exists
-->please pont me to it. Thanks n advance.
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