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From:Daniel Ouellet Date:September 4 1999 1:03am
Subject:Re: basic myodbc questions
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Hi Gregg

I assume you have the version 2.50.24 for your ODBC drivers right. If not
you can get it from:
site, you can take the
MyODBC 2.50.24 for Windows95 (full setup)
MyODBC 2.50.24 for NT (full setup)
Depending if you want to install it on Windows 95 or NT

After it is install on your clients computer,
1. you go to the control panel and you select the "ODBC Data Sources"
2. You select the "User DNS" tab
3. Click "ADD"
4. Select MySQL data source
5. Click "Finish
6. This will open the mysql Driver default configuration
7. Fill the information by giving a DNS name that you will refer to when
connection to your MySQL database remotely.
8. Put the host name
9. You database name you created on your server
10. Enter the "User" account you created
11. The password you assign to it
12. Click OK, That will close the configuration Window
13. Click OK again to finish the ODBC Administration setup.
You can change some option if you want, but for your test, it will work.

That's it for the client ODBC configuration.

Now for the setup concerning using Access to change the MySQL database:
1. Start Access
2. Create an empty database without any information in it, or use a database
you already have and that you want to have access to you MySQL server from
with in.
3. While the database is open
4. Go to the File->GetExternalData->Import menu
5. In the Import window, select the "Files of type:" and go down to "ODBC
6. This will open the "Select Data Source" windows.
7. Select the "Machine Data Source" tab
8. Scroll down and you will see the "Data Source Name" you create in the
above ODBC step"
9. Select your DSN name.
10. If you are connected to your network where you put your MySQL server,
you will see the "Import Objects" windows open with the list of tables you
created in the database on your MySQL server.
11. Select the tables you want to work with and repeat the step 4 to 11 for
each table you want to have access to.

>From here you will have your local database and your remote tables
accessible from inside the same database on your computer. You can do a copy
and paste from the local table and the remote table, etc.

Hope this help,


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Subject: basic myodbc questions


Could anyone point me to a place where I can read something in the way of a
basic tutorial on connecting MS Access 97 to a mySQL db via myODBC? I have a
mySQL account, am able to connect to it n a variety of ways. What I'm
looking for is instructions on what I need to do in Access. I was doing what
I thought was correct, but keep getting a message saying connection was not
saved when I fill out the input areas in the myODBC driver dialog. Here's
what i tried:

1) In a new blank Access db I selected file/get external data/import
2) In next dialog i select files of type odbc
3) I choose new DSN, name it, choose mySQL as driver type and answer the
questions...immediately after hitting OK, I get this 'data source not saved'
message and nothing else. Any help? I'm sure this is super basic, so if
anything in the way of an established beginners tutorial already exists
please pont me to it. Thanks n advance.


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