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From:Gregg Date:September 4 1999 12:15am
Subject:basic myodbc questions
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Could anyone point me to a place where I can read something in the way of a basic tutorial
on connecting MS Access 97 to a mySQL db via myODBC? I have a mySQL account, am able to
connect to it n a variety of ways. What I'm looking for is instructions on what I need to
do in Access. I was doing what I thought was correct, but keep getting a message saying
connection was not saved when I fill out the input areas in the myODBC driver dialog.
Here's what i tried:

1) In a new blank Access db I selected file/get external data/import
2) In next dialog i select files of type odbc
3) I choose new DSN, name it, choose mySQL as driver type and answer the
questions...immediately after hitting OK, I get this 'data source not saved' message and
nothing else. Any help? I'm sure this is super basic, so if anything in the way of an
established beginners tutorial already exists please pont me to it. Thanks n advance.


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