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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 1 1999 11:41pm
Subject:information type out of range
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>>>>> "Yves" == Yves Thommes <yves.thommes@stripped> writes:

Yves> my server is running mysql 3.21. an i'm using myodbc 2.50 for win9x
Yves> so when i want to export any table from access2k to my server i always
Yves> get the error message: 'Information type out of range (#0)' !

Yves> what's the problem here ?
Yves> can anybody help ?
Yves> thanks


The problem is a bug in Access2000;  It can't export tables through
ODBC (it leaves out all table names and column names)

You should make a ODBC log of this and send it to microsoft support!

The fix is to create the tables in MySQL and link these to Access.

information type out of rangeYves Thommes1 Sep
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