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From:Ed Carp Date:October 18 2002 6:13pm
Subject:RE: NDN: Re: JDBC and StarOffice 6.0
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> slow molasses. All this and I haven't even mentioned the lousy support.

You get what you pay for, I guess...

> Man any interest I had in using MySQL has waned significantly in
> the last
> week. MySQL AB is only interested in collecting there expensive service
> contracts. And this comes from the manager of an OpenSource project that
> uses MySQL as the backend.

Well, they have to pay their people somehow.  Do *you* work for free?

> MySQL AB is a disgrace to the OpenSource Community.

Why?  Because they didn't come hold your hand, answer your posted question
within seconds of you posting it?  I've been using MySQL for at least 3
years, and I've very rarely come across a problem that I haven't been able
to fix myself by reading the manual and by playing around with the server.
I've gotten all kinds of software to talk to MySQL - sometimes it just
takes a little exercise of the stuff between your ears, know what I mean?
Did you read the manual before you posted?  Did you read the docs that come
with StarOffice, and with JDBC?  Did you peek in the manual to see if there
was something noted about your particular situation, a peculiarity with
StarOffice or with JDBC?  Did you turn tracing on in the driver and look at
the log output?  99% of the time, this information points straight to the

It irritates me that when people realize that MySQL isn't just "install and
run" in some cases, their first reaction is *not* to read the manual, not
to read the many excellent FAQs, and certainly not to search the archives,
but to post - often after an answer to either a similar or the exact same
question has been posted just hours before.  Do you have any idea how many
posts I see a day that could be answered by referring the poster to a
section in the manual, often plainly marked?  For example, someone earlier
in the week posted about a forgotten root password.  did he even bother to
search the online manual for "password"?  Obviously not - he just knee-jerk
posted, even when the answer is very clearly marked in the manual!  He's
not the only one - I see at least half-a-dozen posts a week on just
password issues that are plainly listed in the manual.

I haven't seen Paul Dubois post in the last day or two - I hope he's taking
a well-deserved few days off!  I don't see how Paul has the patience to
answer the same questions day after day ;)

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