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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 27 1999 4:45pm
Subject:iodbc to replace intersolv odbc
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>>>>> "Wongnu" == Wongnu  <wongnu@stripped> writes:

Wongnu> Hi everybody,
Wongnu> Is it possible to replace with, so that my
Wongnu> external application that talk to intersolv odbc driver manager will
Wongnu> just communicate with

Wongnu> Could that be done by just do symlink on the file. Or is there any
Wongnu> document that I can refer to ?

No, you can't just symlink the file;  You must download the libiodbc
manager from:

and get the newest MyODBC version for Unix and recompile these.

Wongnu> I'm using iodbc-2.50.22a with mysql-3.22.25. The odbc driver manager is
Wongnu> sitting on solaris2.5.1, while mysql server is on redhat 5.1. I'm using
Wongnu> Ascend Access Control (Ascend modified radius daemon) on solaris that
Wongnu> comes with Intersolv 2.11. Files are dated Oct 1995, eventhough the AAC
Wongnu> was purchased during 1998.

Wongnu> So far I've compiled iodbc-2.50.22a, and the odbctools work just fine on
Wongnu> port 3306. However when I try to run my AAC, I amencountering Can't
Wongnu> connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock. But Mysql
Wongnu> server is not on local machine. WHat could that be?

The solution to this problem is documented in the MySQL manual;  Just
search after MYSQL_UNIX_PORT

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