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From:Jay Miller Date:August 23 1999 10:27pm
Subject:RE: MS Access & bits
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Or you could do this:

SELECT If(flags & 0x0002, 'True', 'False') As Active,
       If(flags & 0x0004, 'True', 'False') As Banned,
       If(flags & 0x0008, 'True', 'False') As Delete
FROM mytable;

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Subject: Re: MS Access & bits

At 6:08 PM -0400 8/23/99, Steve Smith wrote:
>Hi there,
>    I have a MySQL table that has a integer type called 'flags'. 'flags'
>is made up of several bit values like so:
>ID_ACTIVE  0x0002
>ID_BANNED  0x0004
>ID_DELETE  0x0008
>and so on.
>	I originally designed the database like this because I was
>programming the system in C and it made sense at the time.  Problem now
>is, I have to make this table managable from Access.  I have the table
>linked to MySQL via ODBC.  Of course, the 'flags' column is always a
>integer that is unreadable by most humans.  Is there a easy way to have
>Access or MySQL break this flags column down into multiple columns (one
>for each bit value)?

You might want to convert the column to a SET, which appears as a string,
but which uses bitmasks to represent set elements internally.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped

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