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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 11 1999 1:28pm
Subject:Error with PowerBuilder: Unknown column 'xxxx ' in 'field list'
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>>>>> "Tak" == Tak Chi Chan <takchi@stripped> writes:

Tak> Hi
Tak> I've got problems when using MyODBC with PowerBuilder 5.0.  
Tak> Because I have functions in the embedded SQL statement, I check the MyODBC
Tak> option 'ignore space after function names'. But when I run the application
Tak> where I have the following SQL statement:

Tak> select min(card_no) into :ls_card_no from patient using sqlca;

Tak> I got the following error:

Tak> SQLSTATE = 42S22
Tak> [TCX][MyODBC]Unknown column 'card_no ' in 'field list'

Tak> Note that there is a white space inserted at the end of the column
Tak> 'card_no'.  

Without a copy of the 'patient' table and the exact query that is sent 
to MySQL it's hard to help you.

Tak> Then I tried to use the DB Administration Painter with this statement,

Tak> select min(card_no) from patient; 

Tak> it worked and returned me the correct value.

Tak> But then I tried 

Tak> select min ( card_no ) from patient;

Tak> the same error occurred!


I have now corrected this bug in MySQL;  The fix will appear in MySQL

Error with PowerBuilder: Unknown column 'xxxx ' in 'field list'Tak Chi Chan11 Mar
  • Error with PowerBuilder: Unknown column 'xxxx ' in 'field list'Michael Widenius11 Mar