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From:Gerald Gutierrez Date:March 19 1999 2:35am
Subject:"Data source name not found ..." error !
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Hey all.

I'm trying to get MyODBC working. Although I can create the executable I can't
make it access any databases! When I try to connect to a database, I get the
error message:

[iODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver 
specified. Driver could not be loaded. 

The sqlState is IM002. 

I believe this has to do with an improper .iodbc.ini setup, but I fail to see
what's wrong with it. It's below. There's no UID or password. I'm assuming I
can issue those with ODBC commands instead.

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it very much.


Trace    = Off
TraceFile= stderr
Driver   = /usr/lib/mysql/
DSN      = test
DB       = test
SERVER   = localhost
#UID      = test
#PWD      =
PORT     = 3306
#OPTION  = 1
#DB      = test
SOCKET  = /tmp/mysql.sock

"Data source name not found ..." error !Gerald Gutierrez19 Mar