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From:M.-A. Lemburg Date:August 19 1999 3:02pm
Subject:Re: ODBCTEST test myodbc DSN
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kevin.c.carter@stripped wrote:
> Anybody know how to configure mysql or MS Access ODBC to look at an MS SQL
> Database?  We have 1 mysql database, 1 MS Access database and 1 MS SQL
> database that need to talk to each other...

Take a look at They have a database
engine which you put in front of several DBs to make them
look as if it were one. You can even do cross DB queries with
it... don't remember the name, but I'm sure you'll find it
on their site.

If you only need data exchange between the three DBs, you could
use mxODBC (see my Python Pages) and Python to get the job done.

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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