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From:Americo Motoya Date:March 18 1999 9:32pm
Subject:En: Memory Leak
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Hi Monty,

I have the trace files and I can see some error messages from MyODBC. But I
can't overpass them. What does this errors mean?

Sorry, I put the log files at .

Thanks for the moment.

Best regards,


>Americo> 5 -Conclusion:  So I think the problem is  between ASP and MyODBC.
>Americo> I have tried MyODBC version 2.50.19 and  2.50.21 (for Win95) with
>Americo> features and the optimized versions.
>Americo> Options: "Return matching rows" as described in MyODBC Readme
>Americo> I asked my colleague to test that for me in another machine and
the result
>Americo> is the same. What are we doing wrong ?
>Americo> ADO is not a good partner to MySQL/MyODBC ?
>It's likely that ADO doesn't call functions that a ODBC program should
>call and it assumes that the ODBC driver will free some things
>Can you generate a MyODBC trace file of the above test;  From this I can
>find out what what doesn't get freed!
>As this will probably be quite big, please ftp this to:
> !

En: Memory LeakAmerico Motoya18 Mar