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From:Pat Sherrill Date:August 13 1999 10:31pm
Subject:Re: Access & odbc ------> revisted
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Your schema appears incomplete in the email I received.  However,  each
table requires timestamp(14) and a primary column, not just the parent.

BTW, MySQL doesn't know anything about subforms, parent-child, or foreign


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Subject: Access & odbc ------> revisted

> Well, here I am again looking for help.  I can not, for the life of me,
> get the following scenario to work:
> To simplify the scenario here are the specs on two test tables
> incident
> Field Type Null Key Default Extra
> incidentNumber int(20) PRI 0 auto_increment
> timestmp timestamp(14) YES UNI NULL
> name varchar(50) YES NULL
> incidentDetails
> Field Type Null Key Default Extra
> incidentNumber int(20) 0
> modelNumber varchar(50) PRI
> notes text YES NULL
> In Access I have a form based on the table "incident", I also have a
> subform based on "incidentDetails". The master and child links are
> the field "incedentNumber". (In my real database, I have the main
> form based upon a query between two tables, and the subform
> also).
> Whenever I add a new record to the main form, then tab to the
> subform, I get #Deleted for the data entered into the main form.
> That is not so bad, however, the incidentNumber ends up being
> recorded as 0 (zero).
> >From what I understand, it is a problem with the odbc drivers.  I
> was advised to put a column "timestamp" and set it to NOT NULL;
> but that has not helped.
> I would be eternally gratefull to anyone who can help me resolve
> this problem.  This problem is the only thing standing in the way of
> getting my database into the users hands.
> Mike Starke
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