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From:Pat Sherrill Date:August 10 1999 11:21am
Subject:Re: MyODBC Woes please help
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You don't need unixODBC to use MyODBC. MyODBC is a 32bit only  ODBC driver
for Windows.

You do, however, need to configure MyODBC on your Windows 95/98/NT machine
to be able to connect to your MySQL server. Have you configured the driver
through ODBC32 in the control panel?  If so, make sure you can ping the
server using the name or address you supplied when configuring the DSN in
the ODBC32 control panel.  Also ensure you have permission to access MySQL
and the desired database from the workstation you are attempting to connect
from.  I know you mentioned you were able to connect via kde, but was that
from this workstation?

If everything is set up correctly and you have general connectivity, you
probably need to provide a small trace file.


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> Hi all,
> I have set up mysql-3.22.25, I downloaded unixODBC and installed that then
I downloaded myodbc driver.  I have compiled it all success fully or so it
looks. I then use the odbcinst tool to register the driver.  however, I
can't get an connection through odbc.  I can use kde to access the database
so I know the database is running. it just gives me a cant connect error.  I
have worked on this for 3 day now and don't know what else to look at.  Any
> Thanks Joe wronkowski
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