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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 3 1999 1:09pm
Subject:myodbc and php3
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>>>>> "Avrum" == Avrum Goodblatt <goodblat@stripped> writes:

Avrum> Is it supposed to work? It doesn't for me, though its working with other
Avrum> programs such as coma.

Avrum> This is what I get:

Avrum> test.php3:

Avrum> <? 

Avrum> $conn = odbc_connect( "vacation",  "",  "");
Avrum> $unitsresult = odbc_prepare($conn, "select unitname from properties
Avrum> where propnum=10");
Avrum> ?>

Avrum> result:

Avrum> Warning: SQL error: [TCX][MyODBC]Using static cursors instead of
Avrum> requested 
Avrum> type, SQL state 01S02 in SQLSetStmtOption in C:\test.php3 on line 6


The above is just a warning that you should be able to ignore without
any problems!

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