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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 1999 9:55pm
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>>>>> "Amin" == Amin Hamdan <amin@stripped> writes:

Amin> hi all!
Amin> i am not sure, weather this question is on topic here, or
Amin> if it has already been answered. sorry for any
Amin> inconvenience.

Amin> the question is:
Amin> is there any information available, if and from which
Amin> version on MyODBC for WinNT is Y2K compliant. i have
Amin> searched the complete documentation but was unable to 
Amin> find anything concerning this subject.

Amin> mfg.
Amin> amin!

Amin> ps: btw, how about MySQL? (wrong mailing list for this, i know)


All MySQL and MyODBC version are Y2K safe.

Y2K....Amin Hamdan2 Aug
  • Y2K....Michael Widenius3 Aug