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From:M.-A. Lemburg Date:February 9 2002 7:54pm
Subject:Re: License
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Peter Harvey wrote:
> Anyone have an idea how GPL (not LGPL) would work with shared,
> dynamically loaded, libraries which are not specifically used by a
> developer but is, rather, introduced by the end user?

This depends on whether the application which uses the GPLed
library can only work with that library or not, e.g. GMP was
once GPLed until someone wrote a BSD licensed similar version
exposing the same API. The result was that the GMP guys switched
to LGPL.

In the end nobody wins by putting libraries under the GPL. Someone
will always start to duplicate the work and put it under a 
different license. In the MyODBC case this is particularly easy
to do since the 2.5 version is in the public domain.

Michel Wildenius did a great job on MyODBC (and MySQL in general)
so it would be a pity if licensing issues now get in the way
of MySQL's success.

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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