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From:Peter Harvey Date:February 8 2002 7:36pm
Subject:Re: MyODBC 3.51 released
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> """
> DISCLAIMER: MyODBC 3.51 binaries and sources are released under General Public
>             License, not under LGPL. 
> """
> Are you sure that you really want to ship MyODBC under the GPL
> and not the LGPL ? ODBC drivers have to be linked against
> something in order to work and the GPL infects all those
> programs... some of which probably come with a non-GPL 
> compatible license.

I tend to agree. In my mind there seems to be some ambiguity when a User 
  (not a developer) opts to have an application dynamically link against 
a share library. The LGPL would remove the ambiguity.

Please clarify your position on this or, better yet, switch the license 
to LGPL.


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