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From:Bill Kenihan Date:July 19 1999 12:41am
Subject:Re: Question about connect between win98 and linux?
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Hi, friend
1.  if you ever difined the host name in the c:/windows/hosts?
2.  if you defined the priv in the mysql tables host and user?
3.  if your dns is duplicated?
4.  port allways 3306 or empty.

Hope this can help you.

>From: lizheyang <lizheyang@stripped>
>Reply-To: lizheyang@stripped
>To: Bill Kenihan <c3n4@stripped>
>Subject: Question about connect between win98 and linux?
>Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 10:02:11 +0800
>I'm a beginner about mysql.And now I have a question about the
>connectiong between win98(client) and linux(server), which I know you
>have solved.
>Now my configuration is:
>Win98 as client:
>    1.IP:
>    2.MyODBC version is
>Linux as server:
>    1.IP:
>    2.login: java  &  password: java123
>    3.MySQL user : lizheyang  & password : lizheyang123
>    4.Database: newscenter
>Now I want to connect win98 to linux and I have done these:
>In MySQL:
>   1. Insert into host(host) value('');
>   2. Insert into user(host, user, password) values('',
>'lizheyang',    password('lizheyang123'));
>   3. Insert into db(host,user,db)
>And I have setup the MyODBC in win98 as below:
>   1.DNS: test
>   2.MySQL host:
>   3.Database name: newscenter
>   4.user: lizheyang
>   5.password: lizheyang123
>   6.port: empty
>But I use visual database in VB, but I can not connect to mysql in
>I have try to change port = 80, is also unconnecting.
>If you have time to help me to solve the problem, I will be very

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Re: Question about connect between win98 and linux?Bill Kenihan19 Jul