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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 15 1999 3:05pm
Subject:Re: Checking One's Own Privileges with MySQL
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At 8:24 PM +1000 7/13/99, Michael Houlahan wrote:
>Is there a simple way to check one's own access privileges for a table.
>I've got an app (accessed via the web with PHP and ODBC via MSAccess) and
>want to display different fields on output screens depending on whether the
>current user has update or read-only access. I can think of all sorts of
>(scary) techniques for doing this - like attempting a dummy update at the
>start of the form load (pretty inefficient) or giving "update" users access
>to the mysql DB so they can check security directly via the User table
>There's gotta be a simpler way:-))

In MySQL 3.23, DESCRIBE tbl_name (or SHOW COLUMNS FROM tbl_name)
display a "Privileges" column showing what your privileges are.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
Checking One's Own Privileges with MySQLMichael Houlahan13 Jul
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