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From:John Foley Date:July 12 1999 7:21pm
Subject:Clean username/password management functions in Access?
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	Has anybody taken the time to implement user management 
by wrapping a nice forms based front end around the SQL passthroughs'

	Specically, I'd like to be able to offload user administration to
workgroup administrators (managers, or the secretaries/administrative
assistants thereof). I'd thing the GRANT functionality should make this 
a lot easier.

	Also to the same end, has anybody implemented MySQL password
encryption using the libmysql.dll functions called from within Access97?
	Ultimately, I'd like to be able to use this for both setting
passwords in
user management scenarios _and_ everyday executing database logins 
without using SQL cleartext.


Clean username/password management functions in Access?John Foley12 Jul