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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 2 1999 6:17pm
Subject:myodbc on solaris 2.6
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>>>>> "Ed" == Ed Newton <ejnewto@stripped> writes:

Ed> I'm having a heck of a time getting myodbc to compile on an Ultra 1
Ed> running Solaris 2.6.  I've got the mysql binaries installed (because I
Ed> couldn't get the source distro to build either) and mysql is working
Ed> great.  I want to get myodbc working so that I can use StarOffice's
Ed> StarBase dbms app to hook up with mysql.  Does anyone have any
Ed> suggestions on where I might find myodbc precompiled for SPARC or how I
Ed> can get myodbc to compile under Solaris?  I don't have gcc 2.8.1
Ed> installed and won't be able to do that (for reasons that are too
Ed> convoluted to discuss here--suffice to say that gcc 2.8.1 is out of the
Ed> question.)  I do have Sun's Workshop Compiler 4.2 at the ready, though.

Ed> Ed Newton


You should be able to use the Sun compiler for this.  What errors do
you get?

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