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From:Peter Carter Date:June 29 1999 2:33pm
Subject:Re: VB, MyODBC, MySQL problems
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I created a site to help with these sorts of problems. It is an online VB
code wizzard for MySQL. It uses existing MyODBC and ADO/RDO.

Yes, it's free...... ;)

At 08:04 AM 6/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>[posted to USENET, I hope somebody here can help me, too... :-) ]
>I've developed a rough prototype app using MySQL/Linux with MyODBC on NT
>using an Access/VBA front-end.  It works pretty well, but I've run into
>limits as to what I can do with Access, so I've been moving into a VB
>development mode.  Unfortuately, no matter what I try I can't seem to get VB
>to write to my database.
>I've been using ADO, but getting "Insuficcient base table information"
>errors when I try to do a RecordSet.Update call.  MS has this article on the
>, saying that
>I basically need to use server-side cursors or straight-through SQL.  Well,
>I can't seem to get server-side to work with MyODBC (I think it's not
>supported yet), and straight-through SQL was giving me fits since some of
>the fields I'm updating contain large blocks of HTML code, and I'd get SQL
>I've even tried reverting to RDO or DAO, but still have cryptic error
>messages that don't really help me out, and I still can't get the update to
>I've seen a lot of conversation here, but not much good advice about how to
>make this work.  I've also seen a couple people claiming to have things
>working great, but I've been unable to get through to them in email... Does
>*anyone* have any good suggestions or magic answers on this one?  I'm about
>at the end of my rope, and am considering (<gasp!>) moving to an all-MS
>solution, including IIS, MS-SQL, ASP, and NT (to replace Apache, MySQL, PHP,
>and Linux).  I'd rather not do this... :-(
>I'd really like to get ADO working "seamlessly" (that is, like all the
>examples say), but if I have to, a method using straight SQL commands is
>good, too...anything to avoid having to re-engineer my entire back-end...
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