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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 30 1999 10:56pm
Subject:myodbc 2.50.24
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>>>>> "sdhawley" == sdhawley  <sdhawley@stripped> writes:

sdhawley> I've been trying to get myodbc to work with php3 but I keep getting:
sdhawley> SQL error: [TCX][MyODBC]Using static cursors instead of requested type, SQL
sdhawley> state 01S02 in SQLSetStmtOption

sdhawley> I believe the problem is that in options.c(myodbc-2.50.24) line 178 you call
sdhawley> set_error which returns SQL_ERROR.  In this case(sqlstate=01S02) you want to
sdhawley> return SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO, check here to confirm this:
sdhawley>  I think if you
sdhawley> change this one thing php3 and myodbc will start playing nice, but I only
sdhawley> started learning odbc this morning so forgive me if I'm wrong.

sdhawley> Thanks for a great db,

You are right;  I have now changed this for next MyODBC release.


myodbc 2.50.24Michael Widenius1 Jul