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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 30 1999 7:08pm
Subject:Hostname on a Shared Server??
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>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Sadler <simon@stripped>
> writes:

Simon> Hi everyone,
Simon> We have a some shared web space with Superb Internet (they're excellent
Simon> BTW). PHP and mySQL are working fine. I can also connect to mySQL through
Simon> Telnet.

Simon> We're having trouble accessing our mySQL tables via ODBC in Access (Win NT).
Simon> The problem is that I don't know what to use as a host name in the ODBC
Simon> settings. The mySQL host name I use to connect in PHP is "localhost" but,
Simon> obviously, I can't just use that. I've tried the domain of our server but
Simon> that didn't work either. I normally get an error saying that it can't find
Simon> mySQL at that hostname but, strangely, I just got this:

Simon> **
Simon> "Access denied for user: 'simon@stripped' (Using password:
Simon> YES)(#1045)"
Simon> **

Simon> Does that mean it found the server?

Yes.  Now you only have to get MySQL configured to give

access rights.

Simon> I have no idea how that
Simon> "" got in there. It must be getting it from my dial-up
Simon> connection. I would expect that text to be the hostname I had entered.

No.  The hostname you entered is the host you try to access.  The
above host is your current machine (from which you try to access MySQL)

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