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From:Petr Stehlik Date:March 16 1999 11:47am
Subject:RE: host %-.64s
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me> >to connect to our Linux/MySQL 3.21 server I get the following error:
me> >"Host '%-.64s' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server"

We found it at last. In the User table the Host field may not be the
hostname of my machine but its IP address (strange since our DNS is OK -
ping and other tools can work with hostnames without problems). Now the
MyODBC works as expected.

Thanks for all answers and sorry I didn't RTFM first but I was curious about
the '%-.64s' report. If it reported "Host 'joy' is not allowed" from the
beginning we would probably started to experiment with privileges settings
but that error report misleaded us.

Thanks again.


host %-.64sPetr Stehlik15 Mar
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