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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 2:28am
Subject:MyODBC bug in lib/net.c
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>>>>> "James" == James Craig Ziegler <jczjcz@stripped> writes:

James> MyODBC crashed in at line 461
James> was:
James>    if (((int) length=raw_net_read(...) <=0 )

James> when MicroS... returned a length of 4064586

James> I changed it to
James> now:
James>    if (( length=raw_net_read(...) <=0L )

James> which seemed to fix the problem.

Fixed.  Thanks!

MyODBC bug in lib/net.cJames Craig Ziegler24 Jun
  • MyODBC bug in lib/net.cMichael Widenius29 Jun