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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 28 1999 8:24pm
Subject:myodbc + VFP 6.0
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>>>>> "David" == David Champion <dave@stripped> writes:

David> Hi...
David> I'm a new MyODBC user, and a longtime VFP (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
David> developer, and an experience Linux user. I've created an odbc connection
David> to my linux mysql table, and can create remote views in VFP, and query
David> and update them.

David> The problem I'm having is that when you create the remote view, it
David> builds the column widths based on the data in the table... i.e. the
David> first column is "id char(10)", and the value is "1". When I create the
David> remote view and display the structure, it says ID is c(1). It does the
David> same thing for all of the other fields :(

David> I thought about either stuffing the first record in the table with a ten
David> character string in ID, to see if that would fix it. The other option
David> would be to use the VFP utility "gendbc" to generate my database code,
David> then modify the field widths by hand. Unfortunately, I've had to do this
David> kind of thing before, like when you have "complex" local views - the VFP
David> view designer generates crappy SQL left outer joins if you have more
David> than one child table in a view.

David> Also, VFP has "upsizing wizards" for MS SQL Server and Oracle. Has
David> anyone found a way to make this work for MySQL?

David> I'm suprised the MySQL docs don't mention VFP. It's definitly a better
David> DB than VB/Access by a long shot. The few quick tests I've done seem to
David> work great with a myodbc data source.

David> p.s. I got this list link from the mysql docs, and I'm not subscribed
David> here. Please LMK if I need to subscribe to the list, and
David> who/what/where/how!

David> -- 
David>      David Champion                             dave@stripped
David>      Software Engineer          
David>      Visionary Systems Ltd.


Easy fix:

Check the 'Don't optimize column width' option in the MyODBC
connection screen.

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