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From:Ed Carp Date:March 16 1999 1:03am
Subject:Re: myodbc: Query problems using MS Access 7
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>Please do a MyODBC trace log (not an ODBC log) and check the queries
>Access tries to do!  In some case Access generates illegal SQL queries
>when connecting to remote servers!

If you are running Access 97, you can force Access to pass the SQL through
unchanged to the backend by selecting "Query|SQL Specific|Pass-Through" from
the Access menu.  This works for me - doing something simple like "SELECT
Mail.X_From, Count(Mail.X_From) AS CountOfX_From FROM Mail GROUP BY
Mail.X_From ORDER BY Count(Mail.X_From) DESC;" gives me an error, but
turning on passthrough (1) works without error, and (2) runs a lot faster.

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