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From:Manush Dodunekov Date:March 15 1999 8:20pm
Subject:myodbc bugreport
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I just noticed two bugs in myodbc-2.50.22 (linux2.2/glibc):

* SQLColAttributes() called with SQL_COLUMN_COUNT doesn't check if
  stmt->result is not null, which causes a segfault if it was.
  (line 145,results.c)

* SQLGetStmtOption() with SQL_ROW_NUMBER seems to return 0-based
  row numbers, when ODBC says rows start at 1
  (line 206,options.c)

Jag borde kanske skriva det här på svenska, men man vet aldrig =)

  Manush Dodunekov / LiteCom Interactive

myodbc bugreportManush Dodunekov15 Mar
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