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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 15 1999 7:49pm
Subject:Memory leaks and error in date handling
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>>>>> "M" == M -A Lemburg <mal@stripped> writes:

M> I've just downloaded and installed the latest version of mysql
M> (mysql-3.22.19b) and myodbc (iodbc-2.50.22a) for Linux.

M> I'm using mxODBC for Python to talk to MySQL:

M> The memory leaks I found with earlier version of MyODBC are
M> unfortunately still there... even reconnecting every now
M> and then doesn't help.

How do you detect the memory leak ?

M> In addition to those leaks, time(stamp) handling
M> seems to be buggy in case the seconds part includes a fraction,
M> e.g. 12:34:46.00 will be stored as 00:00:00 and 12:34:45.45
M> as 34:48:33 (!). Strange enough time handling has worked fine
M> in previous versions of mysql.

MySQL can't handle fractions in the timestamp yet.  I shall look into
some way to fix that MySQL doesn't think this is a mail-formed date.

M> Is there anything I can do to track down the leakage ?

First we must find out if it's MyODBC or MySQL that consumes memory.

Both MySQL and MyODBC has an internal memory allocation manager that
can be used to track how memory is alloced/freed.

In the case of MyODBC, this shows up in a MyODBC trace file.

For MySQL on Linux, you have to compile a version with:

./configure --with-debug

after this 'mysqladmin version' can be used to check MySQL memory

I don't think that MySQL leaks memory, so the problem is probably in
the MyODBC code.

Can you produce some test program I can run to verify this ?

Memory leaks and error in date handlingM.-A. Lemburg15 Mar
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