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From:Christian Mack Date:June 17 1999 7:07pm
Subject:Re: MYODBC
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Ruben wrote:
> Is their any step by step instructions for puttingup MYODBC.
> I need to do 4 things...
> 1)  I need to run an ODBC connection from a Linux Box client called
> llinderman to the database on intranet.
> 2)  I need to do the above with Applixware's Database front end program.
> 3)  I need to run ODBC to the database from 2 windows boxes using
> access.
> There just isn't enough documentation to do any of this.
> Do I need to install the entire database source on the clinets Linux box
> to use the MYODBC?
> Ruben I Safir

Hi Ruben

3) is the simplest one. 
	a) Install MyODBC on each Win box.
	b) Create an user- or system DSN for each remote mysql DB.
	c) Start Access.
	d) Link the mysql database of choice via ODBC and the above created DSN.

For 1) and 2) you need iodbc and the mysql client sources (not the server!) for it to
Please read the documentation on iodbc for this.

I don't know llinderman and never tried Applixware's DB, so I don't know if the above will
work, but it should as long as they don't need server side cursors.


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