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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 9 1999 2:55pm
Subject:16-bit app and ODBC
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>>>>> "Herwig" == Herwig Henseler <hh@stripped> writes:

Herwig> Hi experts,
Herwig> first: I'm not on the myodbc list and my experience with odbc is _very_
Herwig> limited. I used mySQL for several projects, though. Sorry in advance if
Herwig> this is not the right way to use this forum.

Herwig> My question: I have an old 16-bit Windows application running on WinNT. It
Herwig> uses a 16-bit ODBC driver to communicate with MS SQL. For a web project, I
Herwig> want to let the application communicate with a mySQL db on a unix (linux or
Herwig> solaris) server (very simple inserts and selects). ODBC seems to be the way
Herwig> to go but what difficulties will I face with the ODBC driver? In
Herwig> I found out
Herwig> that 32-bit drivers can run with 16-bit applications "as long as the 32-bit
Herwig> driver does not explicitly call Win32 API functions that create threads".
Herwig> Is this true for myODBC? Anyone solved a similar problem?


MyODBC doesn't create threads, so the this may work.

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