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From:Phillip Grant Date:June 9 1999 2:33pm
Subject:Problem w/MyODBC and Visual FoxPro 6.x
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Hello All,

I'm having a weird problem running an app that generates an SQL INSERT
string and then executes it against a MySQL database.  Goes something like

	lcString = "INSERT INTO tablename VALUES ( 'abc', 123, 'Here is the problem
\?', 456, 'xyz' )"
	x = SQLEXEC( lnConnectionNum, lcString, "TmpCursor" )

The code is superfluous, and it doesn't matter if you don't understand VFP
syntax.  The key is the "?".  Even though I escape the question mark with
the "\" as I'm supposed to, It is still getting treated as a view parameter.
The ODBC driver reports back to VFP that it needs input, and VFP dutifully
puts up a dialog asking the user:

	"Please input a value for: ', 456, 'xyz' )"

Any ideas?  I am also experiencing other 'escape' character problems,
although I am following the MySQL/MyODBC documentation to the letter.  Any
and all help is greatly appreciated.

Phillip Grant
Grant Computer Consulting

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