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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 15 1999 5:13pm
Subject:Memory Leak
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>>>>> "Americo" == Americo Motoya <ammotoya@stripped> writes:

Americo> We are evaluating MySql + MyODBC for Win32 and we are close to register the
Americo> version.

Americo> But we are experiencing problems with memory leak after several queries
Americo> ("select * from", "select cout(*)") through recordset method in ASP.

Americo> We have Win95 as a Web client and the server side is a Win98 with PWS. The
Americo> version of MySQL is 3.21.29 gamma and MyODBC is 2.50.19.

Americo> The MySql client code is as follows (just for tests):

Americo>         objCM = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command");
Americo>         objCM.ActiveConnection="DSN=dbEmpresas;UID=query_uid;PWD=query_pwd";
Americo>         strSQLIn = "SELECT * FROM " + TableName;
Americo>         objCM.CommandText=strSQLIn;
Americo>         objCM.Execute();
Americo>         objCM.Close;

Americo> The same code with MS-ACCESS+ODBC works fine!
Americo> I have tried other methods of connection and the result is the same.

Americo> Have any problem of this kind in the shareware version?


Sorry, I don't know of any memory leaks with the MySQL code;  We test
all MySQL distributions with purify, so there shouldn't be any memory

What happens ?

Can you somehow verify if its MySQL or MyODBC that gives you a
problem ?

If you are using mysqld (instead of mysqld-opt), you can verify how
much memory MySQL is using with:

mysqladmin ver

Is this increasing over time ?

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