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From:Herald van der Breggen Date:March 23 2001 8:21am
Subject:Re: dynasets
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Wondering whether it would be relatively easy to add dynaset capbility 
the the MyODBC driver I looked in de ODBC API specification and used

wget -r

to get all the ODBC API documents and searched on "dynamic". I found a 
lot documentation about dynamic cursors (I guess this has a strong 
relationship with dynasets). This is also a phrase a found:

"The four types of scrollable cursors are static, dynamic, 
keyset-driven, and mixed. Static cursors detect few or no changes but 
are relatively cheap to implement. Dynamic cursors detect all changes 
but are expensive to implement. Keyset-driven and mixed cursors lie in 
between, detecting most changes but at less expense than dynamic cursors."

So, it looks like is a lot of work to add support for dynamic cursors. 
But... could it be simulated by using the "LIMIT" keyword so that a 
cursor is in fact a constantly requery mechanism ? Maybe that is easier 
te make....

For more relevant information about ODBC API, see (SQL_Get_info)

Is someone already developing the dynamic cursor behaviour in MyODBC ?


Pat Sherrill wrote:

> Create a link table to the MySQL Database with MS Access.  Use this as the
> DSN in your VC++ application.  This would be the easiest method IMHO.
> Pat...
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> Subject: dynasets
>> Hello,
>> I have a question about dynasets...
>> We are struggling with a large piece of Visual C++ software that uses
>> ODBC, so far on MS-Access and MS-SQL server. We want to use MySQL, but
>> sofar without luck, because ths software is written on dynasets en
>> dynasets can not be used with MyODBC (as far as I know).
>> The snapshot recordset workds perfectly, but according the the
>> documentation, a snapshot-recordset is not usable in a multi user
>> situatie (which we are facing). We did some tests, and we can confirm
>> this, unless really *huge* changes are made to the software.
>> So, we are facing the question "how can we make this software work on
>> MySQL without too many changes". Is there a way the make dynasets work ?
>> Or is there another tric ?
>> Although I have heard about trics with a
>> ms-access-in-the-middle-solution, this does not sound as a reliable
>> solution.
>> Please advise !
>> Regards,
>> Herald van der Breggen
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