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From:John Calder Date:March 22 2001 9:22pm
Subject:Re: Prompt on Connect
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At 00:58 22-03-01 -0600, you wrote:
>Is there a way to use ADO to access MySql that does not use MyODBC?
>I realize that you can use a connection string to pass parameters to MySql
>that could also be stored in a DSN, but either way you are still talking to
>the MyOdbc driver.

I have done some successful experiments on this.
I have used MyVBQL, Eric Grau's open source connector which talks to
libmysql.dll directly.  MyVBQL imitates the ADO object model.
I found if I need "real" ADO, eg for RAD data binding to a VB Datagrid,
I can create a custom ADO recordset, use MyVBQL to populate it, and
even write back the results when change events fire for the datagrid 
or recordset.

>I have heard of, but do not fully understand, something called an oledb
>provider, that seams to be distinct from odbc.  Is there an oledb provider
>for MySql?

No there is not.  I have looked into this myself, and as a VB enthusiast
and loud VB lobbyist on the fringe of the MySQL community I am probably the
most likely to take such a challenge on.  My conclusions are that building
provider is hugely difficult,  the result would be difficult for users to
install and
it is just not worth the effort.  An alternative "simple provider" kitset is
but it is just too simple-minded to be of any practical use for us and also
from a difficult setup procedure for end-users to handle.  Very few OLEDB
have ever been created by anyone, even large well-resourced database vendors
Sybase(last time I checked) have not delivered on them.  Even Microsoft
themselves have 
only just come up with a beta foxpro one in the last few months.  In
debating this 
in Microsoft's newsgroups I have found only one person who has ever created one 
(for his legacy mainframe data) and he said it was the most difficult
project he has ever undertaken.
I also conclude that the dataprovider class ie the
"roll-your-own-ADO-recordset" technique 
as above can deliver every benefit that an OLE DB provider can with a small
of source code that is straightforward and therefore easy for all to
understand and customise.


John Calder, PixieProgrammer
"Technology to revitalise your text-based host apps"

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