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From:Pat Sherrill Date:March 9 2001 12:23pm
Subject:Re: Win95 problem
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CTL3D32.DLL was in use during the install.  Try starting Windows with
minimal drivers and programs loaded, then run the install.

I hope this helps...

BTW, I have never experienced this problem with MyODBC installs.

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Subject: Win95 problem

> Hello,
> I'm a systems software analyst in county government here in North
> I installed Red Hat Linux and MySQL on an HP Netserver, installed
> MyODBC on my Win95 PC, converted an Access database to the MySQL
> server, and did a demonstration for the programmers using MS Access.
> Then I sent the (Visual Basic) programmers back to their offices with a
> of MyODBC.
> The programmer-in-charge went to install the MyODBC drivers (setup.exe)
> and got the following error message:
> "An error occurred while copying "C:\WIN95\SYSTEM\CTL3D32.DLL.
> Restart Windows and try installing again (before running any applications
> which use ODBC)."
> Installations on other programmers' PC's failed as well.  These
> support multiple other ODBC applications using SQL Server / Winnt and
> Oracle / HP-UX, and they are afraid to fool with MyODBC on their PC's
> anymore.  Go figure.
> Anyhow, I would still like to undertand what is going on here?  On my PC,
> CTL3D32.DLL is dated in 1995 and has a version of 2,26,0,0; the
> programmers report having a version dated in 1999 and a version that is
> much, much higher than mine.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Tom Brown
> System Software Analyst
> Forsyth County MIS
> 200 N. Main St.
> Winston-Salem, NC  27101
> 1.336.727.2597  ext. 3002
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